Halloween fun facts

In honor of a truly unique holiday‚ here is Halloween-related trivia1:

  • Both Salem‚ Massachusetts‚ and Anoka‚ Minnesota‚ are the self-proclaimed Halloween capitals of the world.
  • Ireland is believed to be the birthplace of Halloween. Trick-or-treating evolved from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain‚ which marked the end of the Celtic calendar year.
  • In 2013‚ Keene‚ New Hampshire‚ set a Guinness World Record for the most lit jack-o’-lanterns with 30‚581 (breaking a record held by Boston).

However you celebrate‚ I hope the holiday is safe and festive. Happy Halloween.

1Karin Lehnardt‚ “41 spooky facts about Halloween‚” Fact Retriever‚ last updated August 20‚ 2016.

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