High value placed on real estate professionals’ roles

It’s been said that bartenders and hairdressers make the best therapists. According to a recent survey from Century 21®‚ you can now add real estate professional to the list of trusted confidants.1 Here’s more:

  • Buyers and sellers placed a high value on a real estate professional’s role in their deal: 73% of sellers said they were as valuable as a therapist and 64% felt their real estate professionals knew them better than their neighbors do.
  • Given the importance of a real estate professional‚ it’s surprising that buyers and sellers interview an average of just two candidates before deciding who to hire.
  • Those who didn’t make a personal connection with their real estate professional felt abandoned after the purchase or sale‚ as 23% said they had not heard from their agent since their deal closed.

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1“Century 21® survey reveals disconnect between high value placed on agent’s role and lack of time spent selecting the right one for the job‚” Century 21®‚ last updated January 7‚ 2020.


The most popular
listing keywords

A recent Point2Homes analysis found that using creative‚ detailed listing descriptions can draw more homebuyers to properties. Check out 2019’s most frequently used keywords1:

  • The most popular adjectives were “large‚” “new‚” “great‚” “walk-in‚” “open‚” “full‚” “beautiful‚” and “spacious.”
  • The top features and amenities that appeared in listings: “granite countertops‚” “hardwood floors‚” “stainless steel appliances‚” “open floor plan‚” and “fenced backyard.”
  • Predictably‚ the adjectives used on $1 million-plus listings took on a more upscale tone. Kitchens were “gourmet‚” cabinetry was “custom‚” and ceilings were “soaring.”

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1“2019’s most popular real estate listing keywords‚” Point2Homes.


The home features couples debate most

House hunting—much like a relationship—is all about compromise. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day‚ here’s a look at the features most debated by couples shopping for a home1:

  • The items couples disagreed upon: a wood-burning fireplace‚ an in-ground pool‚ hardwood flooring‚ an outdoor bar or barbecue area‚ and a finished garage.
  • Couples were on the same page when it came to energy-efficient appliances‚ newly renovated bedrooms and bathrooms‚ security systems‚ and finished basements.
  • Nearly one in four surveyed said their home does not have all the features their partner considered important.

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1“Homeowners’ most wanted: exploring the top features people look for in a home‚” Porch.


a family-friendly state

There aren’t many states better than Massachusetts for raising a family. In fact‚ according to a recent study‚1 there’s only one. Check it out:

  • WalletHub compared states across 50 categories that indicate family friendliness‚ such as median family salary‚ child care costs‚ violent crimes per capita‚ and infant mortality rate.
  • Massachusetts ranked second in the country behind only Minnesota.
  • Vermont (fourth)‚ New Hampshire (fifth)‚ and Connecticut (ninth) also represented New England in the top 10.

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1Adam McCann‚ “2020’s best & worst states to raise a family‚” WalletHub‚ last updated January 7‚ 2020.

NAR’s State Economic Impact Report

How much does the housing market affect a state’s economy? It’s an important question the National Association of REALTORS® answered with its State Economic Impact Report.1

The report measured the total impact generated by a home sale. This includes‚ among other things‚ income generated from real estate industries‚ expenditures related to a purchase (such as furniture and remodeling expenses)‚ and new home construction costs.

Here in Massachusetts‚ the total impact is $117‚650. Overall‚ the real estate industry accounted for 18% of gross state product. Full state reports can be found here.

1“Economic impact of a home sale‚” National Association of REALTORS®.