The most popular
listing keywords

A recent Point2Homes analysis found that using creative‚ detailed listing descriptions can draw more homebuyers to properties. Check out 2019’s most frequently used keywords1:

  • The most popular adjectives were “large‚” “new‚” “great‚” “walk-in‚” “open‚” “full‚” “beautiful‚” and “spacious.”
  • The top features and amenities that appeared in listings: “granite countertops‚” “hardwood floors‚” “stainless steel appliances‚” “open floor plan‚” and “fenced backyard.”
  • Predictably‚ the adjectives used on $1 million-plus listings took on a more upscale tone. Kitchens were “gourmet‚” cabinetry was “custom‚” and ceilings were “soaring.”

Click here for the full report.

1“2019’s most popular real estate listing keywords‚” Point2Homes.

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