High value placed on real estate professionals’ roles

It’s been said that bartenders and hairdressers make the best therapists. According to a recent survey from Century 21®‚ you can now add real estate professional to the list of trusted confidants.1 Here’s more:

  • Buyers and sellers placed a high value on a real estate professional’s role in their deal: 73% of sellers said they were as valuable as a therapist and 64% felt their real estate professionals knew them better than their neighbors do.
  • Given the importance of a real estate professional‚ it’s surprising that buyers and sellers interview an average of just two candidates before deciding who to hire.
  • Those who didn’t make a personal connection with their real estate professional felt abandoned after the purchase or sale‚ as 23% said they had not heard from their agent since their deal closed.

As always‚ Capstone Mortgage is here to provide valuable information and guidance.

1“Century 21® survey reveals disconnect between high value placed on agent’s role and lack of time spent selecting the right one for the job‚” Century 21®‚ last updated January 7‚ 2020.

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