Lower inventory a plus for winter sellers

The real estate market traditionally heats up in spring. However‚ listing a home in winter may bring a financial windfall for the seller.1 Here is why:

  • Less competition. Fewer homes for sale can mean buyers have less choices.
  • Cold-weather features are showcased. Such as roofs designed to handle harsh weather or shorter‚ low-maintenance driveways. Newer heating systems and fireplaces can also spark interest.
  • Serious buyers. Winter house hunters tend to be more serious in their searches. When the right property is found‚ they often act quickly.

I am always here to provide helpful information. If you have questions or need assistance‚ please contact me.

1Terri Williams‚ “Six reasons why selling a house in the winter may be the best decision ever‚” Realtor.com®, last updated October 8‚ 2018.

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