A garage checks in at #1

Pools‚ in-law suites‚ and picturesque views all pale in comparison to the presence of a garage. This is the key finding from a new survey on the features homebuyers value most.1

  • Garages are #1 (favored by 45% of respondents) followed by: a master bedroom with en suite (39%) and a main floor bathroom (35%).
  • Women want a garage more than men (51% to 41%). Men prefer energy-saving appliances (31%) while women value a fenced-in yard (38%).
  • The ideal property of those surveyed: a three-bedroom‚ two-bath home with a master bedroom suite‚ and‚ of course … a garage.

As always‚ Capstone Mortgage is committed to providing timely information and guidance.

1“Don’t underestimate the importance of the garage to buyers‚” REALTOR® Magazine‚ last updated February 15‚ 2019.

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