Exterior spring cleaning tips

After a long New England winter, it’s time to savor spring and its warmer weather. Homeowners can freshen up outdoor spaces with these tips1:

  • Replace outdated fixtures, such as landscape lights, security lights & porch and patio lighting. Also, a switch to energy-saving LED bulbs can reduce monthly energy costs.
  • Clean out the shed, garage & other outdoor storage areas. Organize items into ‘keep,’ ‘toss’ or ‘donate’ piles.
  • Even properly-stored outdoor furniture may need cleaning. Wipe down metal, wicker or plastic pieces; use wood conditioner for teak and other woods. A lengthy sun drying will prevent mold.

Passing along helpful tips is a top priority of mine.

1Bill Gassett, “Eight outdoor spring cleaning tips and tricks,” Massachusetts Real Estate News, last updated February 8, 2019.

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