What buyers are willing to pay for energy efficiency

To receive savings on future utility bills‚ homebuyers are willing to pay the price now.1 The National Association of Home Builders explored this topic in its 2019 edition of ‘What Home Buyers Really Want.’ The numbers:

  • To gain $1‚000 in annual energy savings‚ buyers are ready to spend an additional $8‚728.
  • Forty-six percent said they would pay between $1‚000 and $9‚999 to earn $1‚000 in savings; 37% said they would spend more than $10‚000.
  • For those shopping for homes priced $500‚000 or more‚ the amount they would pay is $10,560.

Creating a ‘green’ home can be costly‚ but buyers do not appear to be shying away from the required investment. I hope you find this information to be helpful.

1Carmel Ford‚ “How much are buyers willing to pay for energy efficiency?” Eye on Housing‚ last updated April 12‚ 2019.

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