Boston metro a top destination

Despite our pricy real estate market‚ more people are moving to the Boston metro area than leaving. In fact‚ the area has the highest net inflow of population in the country.1 Consider the numbers:

  • In the third quarter of 2019‚ 17% of buyers searching in Boston did so from another metro area—up from 12% a year ago.
  • New York is the top origin city for those looking to move here.
  • With a September 2019 median price of $490‚000‚ Boston is the second most expensive migration destination. Only San Diego is pricier.

As the #1 mortgage company in Greater Lexington for 17 consecutive years‚ Capstone Mortgage is here to provide guidance and support.

1Tim Ellis‚ “Affordability is a relative concept—Boston tops U.S. migration destinations in the third quarter‚” Redfin‚ last updated October 18‚ 2019.

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