Bay State solar users match national savings

With winter’s chill setting in‚ solar power’s benefits may be the last thing on Massachusetts residents’ minds. However‚ new data from home energy company Sense may have homeowners considering a solar installation.

  • Bay State solar users save an average of 67% on their energy bills (working out to $1‚075 annually)—matching the national mark.1 Some Bay State electrical utilities also offer “net metering‚” which pays back users for power generated.
  • One surprising advantage in the Northeast: Cooler weather allows solar panels to run more efficiently.
  • Homeowners in New Hampshire (offset 76% of their utility bill) and Vermont (70%) especially benefit from solar‚ topping sun-drenched Arizona (66%).

For more information‚ visit Mass.gov.

1“Will solar save you money? Sense data reveals that potential savings depend on where and how you live‚” PR Newswire‚ last updated November 5‚ 2019.

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