Key numbers from a new NAHB survey

Full basements may be on the decline in new builds across the country‚ but here in New England they remain a popular feature. The numbers from a recent National Association of Home Builders survey1:

  • Building codes in colder areas often require foundations to be built below the frost line—hence the high share of full basements among new builds in the West North Central (81.8%) and New England (69.5%).
  • Of new single-family homes constructed nationwide, 60.1% were built on slab foundations. Full or partial basements were found in 24.3% of new homes followed by 14.3% with a crawl space.
  • Back in 2000‚ the advantage held by slabs over basements was much narrower: 46.0% to 36.8%.

I hope you find this market data to be helpful.

1Na Zhao‚ “Basements continue to fall out of favor‚” Eye on Housing Blog‚ last updated December 9‚ 2019.

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