The latest smart home tech

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show featured the latest products designed to make homes healthier‚ smarter‚ and safer. Take a look at this cutting-edge technology1:

  • Smart trash cans. No‚ they won’t take your trash to the curb. What they will do: Seal up full bags‚ open the lid to notify you it’s time for removal‚ and then line itself with a new bag.
  • High-tech filtration. The latest under-sink water filters not only provide pure water‚ they also notify owners about water usage‚ filter life‚ and leaks.
  • Camouflaged security. Home security cameras can be installed like furnishings for a more discreet look. One lamp features a high-def camera with night vision and motion-activated video recording.

As smart home devices continue to evolve‚ I will be here to update you on the latest trends.

1Melissa Dittmann Tracey‚ “Newest smart-home tech from CES 2020‚” REALTOR® Magazine‚ last updated January 16‚ 2020.

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