Home feature wish lists by generation

Most homebuyers are looking for ample storage space‚ natural light‚ and open floor plans. But it’s not until buyers are filtered by generation and lifestyle that the specifics of their wish lists come to light. Check out the latest generational trends1:

  • Millennials prefer smaller‚ more functional spaces. Kitchen islands with pull-out dining or workspaces are replacing traditional dining room tables.
  • Generation X (those age 40–55) are choosing high-end finishes and appliances. They are also coveting home office spaces since 70% of the generation works from home at least one day a week.
  • Families of all ages and sizes require more space but still have a budget in mind. Indoor/outdoor living‚ flexible spaces for play and homework‚ and smart home features are among the priorities for this group.

As always‚ I enjoy staying in touch. Please contact me if you need assistance.

1Michele Lerner‚ “Baby Boomer? Gen-X? The design trends each generation wants‚” Boston.com Real Estate‚ last updated March 16‚ 2020.

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