Tips for a more welcoming entryway

A foyer is more than just an entryway—it provides a first impression to a home’s visitors. Share with customers these strategies for making a foyer more welcoming1:

  • Seating options. For those who like to kick off their shoes upon arrival‚ seating makes this task easier. For homes with limited space‚ a small stool works just as well as a larger bench.
  • Let in the light. Natural light‚ ceiling lighting‚ and bright-colored walls help set a positive tone.
  • Clutter containment. Shelves‚ trays‚ and hooks can store common clutter like coats‚ mail‚ and keys.

As always‚ it is a pleasure staying in touch.

1Larissa Runkle‚ “Six classic foyer décor mistakes that make designers cringe‚” realtor.com®‚ last updated March 17‚ 2020.

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