Free credit reports available until April 2021

In an effort to help Americans better protect their financial health during these difficult economic times‚ the three main credit reporting agencies are now offering free weekly online credit reports. Here’s what consumers need to know:

  • Experian‚ TransUnion‚ and Equifax announced that free weekly reports from each agency are available until April 2021.
  • The process for obtaining reports remains the same: Consumers visit‚ fill out a form that includes their name‚ Social Security Number‚ and current address‚ and then select which agency’s report they wish to receive.
  • Consumers are advised to save reports as PDFs or print them out.
  • Credit reports do not include a credit score. Reports give access to the credit information that is used to calculate a score.

I hope your customers find this information to be helpful. As always‚ I enjoy staying in touch.

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