Here is what to expect

You may have finally mastered the art of working remotely‚ but as states begin lifting stay-at-home orders‚ many offices will be re-opening in the coming months. What can we expect in a world still dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic1?

  • New spaces and new measures. Expect reconfigured spaces and rules. For example‚ buffer zones around desks and capacity limits for common areas‚ such as kitchens and lunchrooms.
  • Modified behaviors. Just as vital as the changes coming to the physical workplace will be how employees behave within it. Employees will need to be “re-onboarded” regarding new protocols.
  • Re-exit strategy. Companies will need a clear‚ communicated contingency plan upon re‑entry‚ outlining their strategies should another wave of the virus occur.

I hope your transition to another new way of working is a smooth one. Be healthy and be safe.

1Kasi Johnston‚ “Preparing to head back to the office‚” Mortgage Professional America‚ last updated May 18‚ 2020.

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