The social media risks to be aware of

Maintaining a presence on social media is a key part of doing business in today’s digital world. Although it can both procure leads and keep lines of communication open‚ being active on social media does have its risks. Follow these tips to avoid any potential trouble1:

  • Exercise caution with comments. By nature‚ social media brings out different points of view from those engaged. To protect your brand‚ offer your opinion while avoiding insults or arguments.
  • Stay away from controversial topics like religion or politics‚ as it can cost you a customer or a referral.
  • To keep clients’ information confidential‚ do not post about recent closings.
  • Don’t let social media become the go-to option for interactions. A private conversation‚ whether via phone or in-person (if possible)‚ should be the goal.

As always‚ please contact me if you need assistance.

1Teah Hopper‚ “Real social-legal social media risks for REALTORS®‚” Massachusetts Association of REALTORS®‚ last updated May 12‚ 2020.

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