Single women continue to buy

Single women are outpacing single men when it comes to homebuying—both nationwide and in the metro Boston area. Here’s more on this group of buyers:

  • A recent LendingTree analysis found that 12.3% of single women own homes in the metro Boston area‚ compared to just under 8% of single men.1
  • When totaling ownership among the country’s 50 largest metro areas‚ single women own roughly 1.5 million more homes than single men.
  • Properties located near public transportation are popular among single women‚ according to one Boston area loan officer.
  • Single women frequently take advantage of first‑time homebuyer programs that help with down payment and closing costs.

If you would like more information on the special programs that can assist in financing a home for a single buyer‚ please contact me.

1Kathleen Conti‚ “In Boston area‚ more single women are snapping up homes than single men‚” Boston.com Real Estate‚ last updated April 30‚ 2020.

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