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Boston metro buyers pay more for this feature

There is one feature making a substantial impact on home prices – and what it is may surprise you. A Redfin study1 examined how much a garage influences prices and the differences among metro areas.

  • Boston metro buyers pay 8.5% more ($33,567) on the average property in order to secure a garage. Nationally‚ buyers spend an extra 12%.
  • 62.4% of homes sold in 2018 in the Boston area have garages.
  • The extremes: Chicago buyers shell out 38% more for a garage; meanwhile, those in Raleigh spend only 2% more.

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1Dana Olsen‚ “A garage in Chicago is worth nearly $47‚000‚ more than any other metro‚” Redfin‚ last updated June 6‚ 2019.

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Kitchen remodels lead the way

Kitchens rank as the most expensive (and most popular) room to renovate for homeowners. This was the key finding from the 2019 Houzz & Home Study.1 Here are the numbers:

  • The median cost of a kitchen renovation jumped 27% to $14‚000. Guest (17%) and master bathroom (14%) remodels also increased.
  • Among the 50 largest metro areas‚ half saw a drop in renovation spending‚ including Boston.
  • The typical homeowner who plans to renovate this year expects to spend $10‚000 – in line with spending for the previous three years.
  • Baby Boomers and Generation Xers make up 81% of renovating homeowners.

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1“2019 U.S. Houzz & Home Study: Renovation Trends‚” Houzz‚ last updated June 5‚ 2019.


Make a difference this Fourth of July

Giving back to the community is a great way to celebrate the Fourth of July. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Take a moment to honor our servicemen‚ servicewomen, and veterans. Consider a donation of time or money to the VFWAmerican Legion or Wounded Warrior Project.
  • Participate in a charitable event. Visit Active for a list of races and bike rides.
  • Pitch in at a community parade‚ picnic or other holiday-themed event. Many of these events wouldn’t take place without the generous support of volunteers.

Enjoy the holiday!


More buyers considering homes that need remodeling

What do entry-level buyers do when inventory is limited and prices are rising? Simple: They become more open to purchasing a home in need of renovations. Here are the numbers from a recent® survey1:

  • Over half of respondents are considering a home that needs work (and plan to spend at least $20‚000 on renovations).
  • However‚ less than a third of buyers 55 and over said they would consider a property that needs work.
  • Among those who plan on buying in the next year‚ 95% are confident that they will see a return on their remodeling investment.

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1Steve Randall‚ “Renovations are in fashion for 2019’s homebuyers‚ says‚” Mortgage Professional America‚ last updated April 17‚ 2019.


Market trends to consider

As you know‚ staying up-to-date on the latest real estate trends is essential. Here are the top factors influencing today’s buyers and sellers – as discussed at the National Association of REALTORS® 2019 Broker Summit1:

  • Staying put. The time spent living at a property is increasing. In 2018‚ the average owner remained in a home for nine years.
  • Children & parents. Just 34% of buyers have children – an all-time low. Additionally‚ one in six Generation X buyers purchased a home to share with their parents.
  • Expectations. Nearly 40% of real estate professionals said television shows that depict the buying and selling processes impact business.
  • Student loan debt. Borrowers with student loan debt carry an average amount of $41‚200.

As always‚ it is a pleasure staying in touch and sharing helpful information.

1Erica Christoffer‚ “Eleven real estate trends to keep on your radar‚” REALTOR® Magazine‚ last updated April 22‚ 2019.