A new definition of luxury

Millennials are reshaping today’s market – and as this generation shops for high-end homes‚ they are redefining what the term ‘luxury’ means. Here is what many Millennial buyers consider luxury elements1:

  • Green features. Air purifiers‚ solar panels‚ and tankless water heaters are much sought-after.
  • Functionality. Smaller homes with multipurpose rooms‚ an open concept‚ and high-end finishes are in demand. Millennials are also putting an emphasis on a home’s ability to entertain guests.
  • Commuting options. Access to public transportation is coveted.

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Taking care of the basics

More and more homeowners are putting off a dream kitchen or bathroom remodel to pay for essential replacement projects and upgrades.1 The reason? Homes are aging‚ especially in the Boston area.

  • Forty percent of US properties are at least 50 years old. In Boston‚ more than half were built before 1939.
  • According to the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies‚ 48% of home improvement spending in our area went to projects like a new roof or water heater.2
  • In Boston‚ 23% of homeowners made energy-efficient retrofits‚ such as adding insulation.

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Are market tides turning?

Sellers may have the upper hand in the Boston metro area‚ but a® study shows the market tides may be turning for buyers.1 Check out the numbers:

  • The months’ supply of homes is at 3.83 – an increase of 19% from a year ago. Meanwhile‚ active listings are up 8%.
  • The median sales price dropped 1%.
  • Among markets deemed more ‘buyer friendly‚’ only San Jose and Boston had price declines.

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1Javier Vivas‚ “Ten housing markets enter buyer friendly territory‚”®‚ last updated June 4‚ 2019.


National average is $5‚779

A new report1 examines the financial impact geography can have on mortgage closings costs. Not surprisingly‚ the cost to close varies greatly‚ depending on the state in which the sale takes place.

  • Nationally‚ average closing costs for a single-family home in 2018 were $5‚779. Calculations included taxes as well as fees for titles‚ appraisals‚ recording‚ and surveys.
  • Here in Massachusetts‚ the average was $5‚924 – 13th highest in the country.
  • The District of Columbia topped the list ($24‚613) followed by New York ($13‚581) and Delaware ($13‚309). The most affordable states to close in? That would be Missouri ($1‚887)‚ Indiana ($2‚002)‚ and South Dakota ($2‚149).

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1Steve Randall‚ “These states had the highest closing costs in the country in 2018‚” Mortgage Professional America‚ last updated June 18‚ 2019.


The Bay State comes out on top

The results are in – and it’s good news for the Bay State. Massachusetts recently topped WalletHub’s list of the best states to live in. Here’s more1:

  • The study ranked every state in five categories: affordability‚ economy‚ education and health‚ quality of life‚ and safety.
  • Though Massachusetts was 43rd in affordability‚ it placed second in both economy and education.
  • Third place in quality of life and fourth place in safety helped seal the top spot.

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1Adam McCann‚ ”2019’s best states to live in‚” WalletHub‚ last updated June 11‚ 2019.