Living with parents has its savings advantages

Those who prolong their stay with Mom and Dad can knock up to 10 years off the time needed to save for a down payment.1 Meanwhile‚ Boston-area renters aiming for 20% down face nearly 15 years of saving. Here are the numbers:

  • The study factored in markets’ median home prices‚ median incomes‚ and an assumption of saving 16.5% of income.
  • Those choosing to live with parents as well as save for a 10% down payment will have enough saved in four years and two months. (Timeframe is based on saving 34% of income.)
  • Boston-area renters paying $2‚415 a month would need more than 14 years to save the money needed for 20% down on a $467‚000 property.

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1Steve Randall‚ “Here’s how long a renter needs to save to buy a home‚” Mortgage Professional America‚ last updated March 1‚ 2019.

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