Steps for a low-maintenance yard

While there may be no such thing as a zero-maintenance yard‚ there are steps homeowners can take to ensure outdoor spaces require less upkeep. Share these tips with clients1:

  • Gravel‚ special types of paving or grass-like perennial plants can replace sections of lawn and mulch – and help make yardwork less of a chore.
  • Or consider slower-growing lawn options. Certain breeds only require cutting a few times a summer.
  • When placed in proper areas with comparable species‚ native plants are another low-maintenance option.
As always‚ I enjoy staying in touch and sharing helpful homeowner advice.

1Melissa Erickson‚ “Secrets of a low-maintenance yard‚” Wicked Local Lexington‚ last updated April 12‚ 2019.

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