Taking care of the basics

More and more homeowners are putting off a dream kitchen or bathroom remodel to pay for essential replacement projects and upgrades.1 The reason? Homes are aging‚ especially in the Boston area.

  • Forty percent of US properties are at least 50 years old. In Boston‚ more than half were built before 1939.
  • According to the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies‚ 48% of home improvement spending in our area went to projects like a new roof or water heater.2
  • In Boston‚ 23% of homeowners made energy-efficient retrofits‚ such as adding insulation.

As the #1 mortgage company in Greater Lexington for 17 consecutive years‚ Capstone is here to provide guidance and support.

1Jon Gorey‚ “Why your dream kitchen may have to wait‚” Real Estate‚ last updated May 30‚ 2019.
2“Improving America’s Housing 2019‚” Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies‚ last updated March 12‚ 2019.

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