A new definition of luxury

Millennials are reshaping today’s market – and as this generation shops for high-end homes‚ they are redefining what the term ‘luxury’ means. Here is what many Millennial buyers consider luxury elements1:

  • Green features. Air purifiers‚ solar panels‚ and tankless water heaters are much sought-after.
  • Functionality. Smaller homes with multipurpose rooms‚ an open concept‚ and high-end finishes are in demand. Millennials are also putting an emphasis on a home’s ability to entertain guests.
  • Commuting options. Access to public transportation is coveted.

As always‚ the goal is to keep you up-to-date on the latest housing trends.

1Jeff Lottmann‚ “How young buyers are redefining ‘luxury‚’” REALTOR®Magazine‚ last updated June 11‚ 2019.

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