Tips from a body language expert

When you are immersed in the world of real estate‚ face-to-face interaction with customers and partners consumes a significant portion of your day. Being able to interpret – and demonstrate – proper body language is a useful skill.

At the recent National Association of REALTORS® Leadership Summit‚ body language expert Janine Driver provided physical prompts to keep an eye on1:

  • Crossed arms. Some may assume this position gives off a negative vibe. However‚ it means someone has both sides of their brain engaged. Said Driver: “You are 30% more likely to solve a difficult task or problem with crossed arms.”
  • Hidden lips. People tend to make their lips disappear when they are not pleased with what they are hearing.
  • The “navel rule.” Driver spoke of how people directly face those they like‚ admire‚ and trust.

As always‚ it is a pleasure staying in touch.

1Lauren Tussey, “How body language gives you nonverbal answers‚” REALTOR®Magazine‚ last updated August 13‚ 2019.

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