Less new homes featuring fireplaces

With fall here and the cooler air coming‚ it’s time for many New Englanders to cozy up to their home fireplaces. Or is it? Take a look at this National Association of Home Builders survey1:

  • Of the single-family homes built in New England in 2018‚ less than half (48%) had fireplaces.
  • Nationwide‚ there’s also been a steady decline in fireplaces: just 41% of new construction had this feature. The Middle Atlantic (57%) built the most‚ followed by West North Central (56%).
  • Homes costing $500‚000–$999,000 had more fireplaces (65%) than $1 million-plus properties (60%).

I hope you find this information to be helpful. Here’s to a great week.

1Paul Emrath‚ “Share of new homes with fireplaces drops to record low‚” Eye on Housing Blog‚ last updated September 16‚ 2019.

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