Waiting until spring may be costly

Do you have customers who were unlucky in their summer home searches? Well, remind them that fall can bring plenty of buying opportunities. Share this helpful information with autumn buyers1:

  • Rates are at or near three-year lows and are expected to stay that way throughout the season.2 This means homes that were once out of reach may now be attainable.
  • Historically‚ many deals are done before the start of school‚ eliminating much buying competition. Also, worried sellers tend to reduce prices after an unsuccessful summer on the market.
  • Waiting may be costly. The National Association of REALTORS® predicts that prices will rise 3% in 2020.

Let’s have your customers settled into their new homes by the start of the New Year. Please contact me when you have a moment.

1Erik J. Martin‚ “Experts: Don’t wait until spring 2020 to buy a home. Buy in fall 2019‚” The Mortgage Reports‚ last updated September 16‚ 2019.
2Erik J. Martin‚ “Mortgage rate predictions for late-2019‚” The Mortgage Reports‚ last updated August 14‚ 2019.

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