Remote online notarizations on the rise

With more real estate professionals working remotely, the digitization of the home purchase and lending processes continues. Check out the data from Qualia’s latest industry survey1:

  • The use of remote online notarization spiked by 40% in May, when 33% of industry professionals were using it (compared to 24% in the March/April survey).
  • The majority of those queried work for title and escrow companies. The number of respondents working remotely increased from 61% to 65%.
  • Title and escrow professionals were optimistic about business moving forward: 70% of those surveyed expected an increase of stable order volume in the next 30 days. Only 30% felt that way in March/April.

It’s clear the pandemic has permanently changed the way we work. I will keep you updated on any new industry trends.

1Kelsey Galles, “Survey shows rapid shift toward remote work & digital transactions,” Qualia, last updated June 23, 2020.

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