The end of the open floor plan?

Open floor plans and “great rooms”—with their inherent lack of privacy—aren’t so great for those working and learning from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Is this the end for these popular floor plans? Here’s more from realtor.com1:

  • The biggest downfall of open plans is noise, due to a lack of sound-absorbing walls. Also, the tile or stone floors that make up today’s modern styles don’t help lower volumes.
  • Those with great rooms are creative when it comes to finding private getaways. Garages, spare rooms, and bedrooms are being converted into makeshift home offices and classrooms.
  • Many are choosing to reformat their open spaces to better fit today’s lifestyle. This includes the use of drop-downs that turn a kitchen island into a classroom or folding desks that save space when not in use.

I hope to keep you updated as we change the ways we live, work, and learn in our homes. Please let me know if you need assistance.

1Lisa Johnson Mandell, “Will working from home spell doom for the open floor plan?”, realtor.com, last updated June 10, 2020.

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